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YouTube rolls out new changes in BETA testing

YouTube rolls out new changes in BETA testing

Motion picture, otherwise known as video is just one of the many ways information can be stored and disseminated including pictures, audio and text among others though videos are the most popular. As opposed to MP3, JPEG, FLV and other related formats, MP4 affords the user a higher level of illustration making it easier to describe complex ideas in a way impossible to do using other formats. It is for this reason that its streaming and hosting services are in high demand across regions as it is the most effective means of disseminating information across national, language and cultural barriers. These services allow users to upload, view, download and react to content relevant to their interests.

YouTube is the biggest hosting service

YouTube is the biggest hosting service which takes advantage of the array of tools at Google’s disposal to keep improving its product through constant updates and is available on Android and iOS. It uses artificial intelligence to present videos relevant to the user’s interests based on the content previously accessed. One of its killer features is the range video quality options it affords its user making it suitable to users from various reasons. The options are 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p and can be toggled via the settings on-screen.

YouTube rolls out new changes in BETA testing

Normally, a user has to toggle this setting for each video with YouTube setting a default quality for its content which will automatically be selected. According to new reports, the user now has more control over his experience as the company is testing a new update that will enable users to change the default quality for the videos. The reports also state that the video quality settings come with two configurations for Wi-fi and data connections allow the user deal with the consumption of bandwidth according to his/her specific needs.

This feature is particularly important when considering that those who have bandwidth with an unlimited data connection and low latency would rather have all videos in 1080p being High-definition. The other end of the spectrum should appeal to those with slow connections or metered data connection and should be content with 144p, 240p and 360p while 480p and 720p represent midrange options. It should be noted that these settings do not allow for specific quality preferences across the app but rely on certain profiles such as ‘data saver’ to do that within certain parameters.

Google are in the course of a very busy year with YouTube being no exception. This update comes on the back of a similar sweeping change in response to accidental skips while trying to toggle full screen for viewers on the Android app. YouTube tweaked their user interface to deal with the issue scrapping the sensitivity of the progress bar which now requires scrubbing to skip and seek the video. As with all changes, users are going through a period of adjustment and trying to come to terms with the feature which is not new for iOS users of the app. It should also be noted that these changes are only on the Android and iOS applications meaning that the websites are unaffected.